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Shaping a Sustainable 

Climate change is critical to us all. We can’t delineate business needs
 versus human needs. We can’t have an economy without a 
sustainable environment for life.

- Employee sentiment in 2023 Sustainability Survey of 
over 1,000 stakeholders


Throughout our history across the Trudell Medical Group of companies, we have been driven by a profound sense of purpose—to improve the quality of life for people who rely on our medical devices and services.

We have also been driven by a strong sense of responsibility for acting in the best interests of our environment, our communities, and future generations, and today we are pleased to share publicly about how we are fulfilling these responsibilities.

By formally aligning our business objectives with the principles of sustainability, we aim to create and invest in a sustainable future for all. 

Our Sustainability Strategy is called Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow.
READ: Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow (PDF).

In developing Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow, we engaged with external experts at Delphi to help us establish material priorities around environmental, social, and governance matters, and a roadmap for achieving them.

Delphi is a strategic consulting firm with over 30 years of experience, specializing in climate change, sustainability and ESG. Here’s where we’ve been to date in our work with them:

  • Engaged on a multi-stream Project to help us establish priorities and create a plan to advance our sustainability ambitions.
  • Assembled a cross-Company Working Group to participate in the Project streams.
  • Conducted an internal inventory to establish a Baseline Assessment of processes, priorities and data.
  • Completed a Materiality Assessment with various inputs including survey feedback from over 500 internal and external stakeholders, peer benchmarking data reviews, and industry standards reviews.
  • Engaged Executives and our cross-company working group in a facilitated discussion to explore the outcomes of the Materiality Assessment and consider the integration of sustainability into our company’s Mission, Vision, and Values.

As we continue Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow, we're setting out on a multi-year sustainability journey. From reducing our carbon footprint, to optimizing resource usage to promoting diversity and inclusion in our workforce, we’re striving to be catalysts for positive change in the healthcare industry and beyond.

Sustainability Achievements

Sustainability is not a destination, but a continuous journey of improvement and innovation, and we are proud of initiatives and accomplishments underway within our Operating Companies including,

  • Bronze EcoVadis Medal for sustainability management systems at Trudell Medical International, our global operation with a manufacturing base in Canada.
  • ISO 14001 certification for superior environmental management practices at Monaghan Medical Corporation, our largest US manufacturing site.
  • Manufacturing site energy efficiency gains and waste reduction through multiple projects including LED lighting systems conversion, energy-efficient air compression system installation, and low-flow water taps installation.

We are also proud of our core commitment to being Patient First, including the work we’re doing currently with pharma manufacturers and propellant suppliers to help with the transition to more environmentally friendly inhalers within the next couple of years, while maintaining the most effective delivery system for patients.

Our Ownership, Board of Directors, and Management commitment to this journey is matched by passionate employees across our Group of Companies who are initiating and delivering on grassroots and structured initiatives that support a healthy future for us all. I am optimistic about our sustainability journey and invite you to follow our progress.

George Baran
Executive Chair, Trudell Medical Limited
February 2024


“Our Strategy will be more than a checklist of initiatives; it will be a reflection of our core values and our dedication to making a positive difference in the world.” - Gerald Slemko, CEO, Trudell Medical Limited


“Trudell Medical Group is in an excellent position to pursue its sustainability ambitions.” - Delphi


Check back for updates on topics that have been identified as being material to our stakeholders that will be incorporated in our Sustainability Strategy.

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